Will James

Insight Meditation


"Drinking the Dharma,
refreshed by the Dharma,
one sleeps at ease
with clear awareness and calm.
In the Dharma revealed
by the noble ones,
the wise person
always delights"
Dhammapada 71

Welcome to Insight Meditation

            JamesWill James attended his first Insight Meditation retreat in the late 1970s withChristopher Titmuss, a pioneer meditation teacher in the west. This meeting kindled a deep interest in meditation and the dharma teachings of the Buddha. Will continued to study with Christopher through the 1980s and also studied withSubhana Barzaghiin the Zen and Insight traditions.

In 2006 Will was invited by Christopher and Subhana to take up the responsibility of teaching in the Insight tradition.

Will is presently the guiding teacher at the Tallowwood Sangha in Bellingen on the mid north coast of NSW Australia. He leads regular retreats, has taught at the Dharma Gatherings in Australia and India, assists with theAustralian Dharma Facilitators Programand teaches a Mindfulness Training course and Dharma study program.


To be held At Bali Mountain Retreat - high on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in Central Bali - Insight Meditation and Yoga Retreat 21-27 May 2023...more